Sunday, May 4, 2014

Happy Star Wars Day

Star Wars movies are one of the things that I enjoyed as a child, then as an adult, and then as a family with my two boys. It is always nice, as a parent, when you discover something that you were interested in also appeals to your children as they grow. This goes for movies, books, music, entertainment that can stand the test of time. Many happy memories with my children are of us having a great time watching movies. Their father was there to do the outdoor activities like hiking and camping.

When he was little my youngest son would get very excited when he had seen a movie before I had seen it. He could not control his enthusiasm and every few minutes he would tell me what was going to happen next. It didn't upset me. I loved the fact that he enjoyed the movie so much. He is my heart and my joy and can do no wrong.

Take the time and share something from your childhood that you think your children would like. You won't regret the special times that can be had.


  1. It really is a amazing how a movie series that have such bad looking effects when compared to today's movies can still be so loved. May the 4th be with all of us :D

    1. Exactly, Mathew! I prefer to watch the pre-digitized version to see the movie in it's old, pitiful special effects version.