Friday, November 7, 2014

Good Bad Movies

I just got off the phone with a dear old friend. Thirty-seven years is nothing to sneeze at. He lives in a nearby city so we don't see each other much but we talk quite often.

While on the phone we will listen to the same music, talking about it. But what we do more often is watch the same movies or TV shows. The badder, the better.

Tonight's fare was Robinson Crusoe On Mars. We laughed and laughed. No, it wasn't a comedy it was just that bad. I am sure that it was a very serious adventure when it came out.

The special effects were great. The stock film of volcanoes was hilarious because he put his arm up to shield his eyes, like that would block the heat if you are 50 feet from a lava flow. And the aliens were relentless in their search to destroy Friday.

But please, see it for yourself sometime if you enjoy laughing at bad movies.

Speaking of which, IMDB has compiled a list of movies so bad they are good to watch. The Internet Movie Data Base has made it easy for you to find a serious movie that will make you laugh.

So it isn't just my friend and me who enjoy pointing out silly things in serious movies. Laughter is such good medicine for the soul, especially when one is depressed or anxious. Which I am quite a bit.

Try it, you might like it.

Do you have a certain bad movie that you watch just so you can get in a good belly laugh?


  1. I love to watch 'the legend of billie jean'.

    1. Oh that is a good bad one! "The last thing she expected to be was a hero." Thank you so much for sharing, Michele! I appreciate you taking the time!