Saturday, April 5, 2014

How I Got Here

About a year ago a dear friend of mine, I'll call him M, suggested I make a Facebook page. He felt that it would be a good form of social interaction for me. After much fretting and his many reassurances that if I didn't like it I could abandon the page and wouldn't face a firing squad, I did it. As is the case with most of his suggestions, it has been wonderful for me.

You see, I don't get out much. I have been rendered disabled for a few years now. My formal diagnosis is Major Depressive Disorder. Then I have some aural hallucinations thrown in for fun, degenerative disc disease in my back and neck, and anxiety that often leaves me speechless and frozen in place. The sum total of all these things most often assures that you will find me rooted to my couch or bed.

I had to move to a different part of town so I am not near my family or the friend that I do have here in town. M lives a couple of hours away. Where I am is okay but "people come and go so quickly here", to paraphrase Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. I have made a few friends but am not overly close, not girlfriend close, to anyone here. At times I would feel quite isolated.

But then came Facebook! Ah! Facebook! I connected again with family and friends far away. I gradually got brave enough to accept friend requests from people I didn't know in real life. And, oh, the kitty cats! And the games! Then I began to find writing pages and groups.

I have had some work accepted for submission and that, friends and neighbors, has led me here. It has given me some much needed confidence. Perhaps I can share what I love to do and you will find it enjoyable. Please bear with me as I stumble around in blogland.

Thank you,

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