Monday, April 7, 2014

Words With Friends Friends

Hello all.

I have spent some time compiling a list of topics to share with you. Then, this evening when I sat down to write I had trouble deciding which one to pick. I am sure this will only get easier as I post more often but tonight I had to laugh at myself. I decided to do something to get my mind off the decision at hand. So I started playing the game Words With Friends.

I have always been a big Scrabble fan. I had heard of Words and started playing it after I joined Facebook. My friend, M, told me how to get hooked up with him so we could play but for the most part I let the game pick random opponents for me. Win or lose, I would always hit rematch. Most accepted the invitation. Eventually I got brave enough to *gasp* use the chat feature to make remarks like "Good one" or "Lol, I have only vowels". I am glad that today I have about a dozen people that I play with regularly. And it is so cool that they are from all over the globe! They are in Australia, Wales, England, and also in multiple states here in the U.S..

As an added bonus Words can help me when I have a panic attack. For those who don't know, a panic attack is when your anxiety builds to a point where you have trouble breathing, you shake, your arms and legs can go numb or tingle. And you experience a crushing fear. You are sure you are about to die. But perhaps the most fun thing is that you never know when a panic attack will hit. Sometimes you can feel it coming on, with labored breathing and trembling limbs, and sometimes one second you are fine and the next your body is out of control. They are no fun. There have been many times when I have called M and asked him to play me a game of Words in order to have the distraction until I could calm myself.

So, Words has been a great way to interact with people even though I am usually stuck here at home. And last year for my birthday M got me an iPad mini! It has the touchscreen so now all I have to do is move the little letters around with my finger! It's marvelous!

Sometimes the very thing you look to for distraction from a hard choice becomes the answer to the choice itself.


  1. I really enjoyed reading this! I have a great time playing "Word With Friends" with you! Great job!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. I really look forward to our games. And I appreciate you visiting here and giving your input. It really matters to me.