Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Little Triumphs

I am thoroughly enjoying my travels through the blogosphere. Many years ago, in a movie or a book, a character said that the best thing for being sad is to learn something. I believe this. I am not sad for any reason in particular, it is just a wonderful by-product of my depression.

You will notice that now you can share my posts with Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. You can even e-mail it. Yeah, I did that. I added the share buttons and even a Facebook Like button for you. It's not like I thought up how to add them, I did follow the instructions I found on the internet, but it feels good to have a small accomplishment. It did take me thirty minutes to add the share buttons but that is because I am old and blind. I kept omitting a punctuation mark from the line of code.

It is a wonderful feeling, to be learning something for the reason of actually doing something with that knowledge. It's not like just perusing the headlines. If my circumstances were different I would like to be in college. Learning for the sake of doing some good with that knowledge is fabulous.

And learning something when you are sad does help. My mother passed away when I was seventeen and in college. A few days later a childhood friend knocked on my dorm room door. She had with her all the things you need to give yourself a manicure. She had always been a girly girl with perfect, beautiful nails and this was long before there was a nail salon on every corner. I thought, "What in the world?". But she took my hand and as she slowly and carefully showed me what to do I forgot for a moment that my world had just crumbled. Paying attention to the steps as she explained what each item was for and how to use it, my mind was occupied by something other than the funeral I had just been to. To this day, people compliment me on my nails all the time and each time I recall my friend tenderly holding my hand.

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